System Start-Up

This is the basic system start up checklist for starting up all the audio and video functions.

  • Turn on computer power strip (under middle desk)
  • Turn on projector accessories power strip (left side under right desk)
  • Power on Video computer (bottom computer)
  • Power on Audio computer (top computer)
  • Turn on both audio rack power supplies
    • Left is sound board, amplifiers, and equalizer power
    • Right is wireless microphones, CD player, and cassette player power
  • After video computer is booted up press on power button on each projector remote
    • Log into video computer.
    • Open EasyWorship software
    • Open worship schedule
  • Turn on projector screen power (old sound room)
    • Lower left and right screens
  • Turn on foyer speakers amplifier
  • Roll flat screen TV to front of church
    • Lift TV off scooter
    • Place scooter upside down under front pew
    • Plug TV into power strip (under pew)
    • Turn on power strip
    • Plug HDMI cable into HDMI 1 port
    • Turn on TV – Make sure EasyWorship displays correctly

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