Singing Christmas Tree Lights

This describes the control and connections for the flashing lights on the singing Christmas tree.   The lights are stored up in the attic above the elementary Sunday school classes.  There are two tubs.  One for the lights and one for the extension cords.  Hang the lights like the picture above with the power plugs to the right side (facing the tree).  Use gaff tape to tape the small zip ties to the back of … [Read more…]

Live Stream Sermon Title Image

This describes the process to make a typical Sermon Title for the Sunday morning AM service live stream in OBS.  Reference the current Live Stream Sermon Title example above. Steps 1-28 can be accomplished anytime prior to Sunday once the sermon title is known.  The following steps after should be done on Sunday morning for setup of the OBS Scene “Live Scene Closeup w/Sermon Title”. Open Login using Calvary’s Google Acct: Username: Password: … [Read more…]

YouTube Thumbnail

This describes the process to make a typical YouTube thumbnail for the Sunday morning AM service live stream. Reference the current YouTube thumbnail example above. For special occurrences it may be desired to use a different design, i.e. for Christmas, Easter, etc. Open Login using Calvary’s Google Acct: Username: Password: Calvaryvc Click on “All your designs” Select a previous YouTube thumbnail design. When it opens in another tab revise the title at the … [Read more…]

Audio Recording

This describes the process of recording a sermon or any other program held in the sanctuary. All recordings are accomplished using the “Sound” PC using the freeware program called “Audacity” Turn on and login to the “Sound” computer. Run audacity program. Click on record when ready to record. When ready click on stop. Perform this step, if any editing is necessary for dead space at beginning or to remove unwanted sections. Connect headphones to the … [Read more…]

Sound Board Configuration

Description of the typical sound board connections and operation for normal worship services. The audio mixer is a Mackie SR24-4 24 channel audio board. It is setup in a mono configuration with the left and right speakers getting the same audio signal from the amplifier. Channels 1-20 are independent channels, meaning they each have their own settings and connections. Channels 21/22 and 23/24 are stereo inputs. Channels 1-20 Description These channels each have 3 inputs: … [Read more…]

Bulletin Upload

How to update the weekly bulletin on the website. There are two procedures for this: One for the beginning of a month and one for the 3-4 weeks after the beginning of the month. For the beginning of the month perform all steps. For the rest of the month stop at step 11. Use internet browser (Chrome) to navigate to this website: and login to the dashboard using the credentials given to you. Username: Soundman … [Read more…]

Sermon Entry

How to add sermons to website Steps 1 through 12 can be completed before the service starts for an AM service, for a PM service just wait until afterwards. Steps 1-7 are on the left side of the screen and then steps 8-12 are on the right side of the screen. Use internet browser (Chrome) to navigate to this website: and login to the dashboard using the credentials given to you. Username: Soundman … [Read more…]

Live Stream Startup

Plug power supply into Canon EOS Rebel camera. Plug mini USB cable from computer into port on side of camera. Setup tripod (if not already set up). Attach camera to tripod. Make sure sound computer is booted up and logged into. Turn camera on. Canon EOS utility program should start. Click on “Remote Shooting” Click on “Live View Shoot” Make sure focus is on “Face live mode” Click on the Face detected icon at the … [Read more…]

Easy Worship PowerPoint Loading

How to add a PowerPoint presentation to EasyWorship This describes the steps to load a PowerPoint presentation file into Easy Worship so it is ready for display through Easy Worship on the projectors. step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5

System Start-Up

This is the basic system start up checklist for starting up all the audio and video functions. Turn on computer power strip (under middle desk) Turn on projector accessories power strip (left side under right desk) Power on Video computer (bottom computer) Power on Audio computer (top computer) Turn on both audio rack power supplies Left is sound board, amplifiers, and equalizer power Right is wireless microphones, CD player, and cassette player power After video … [Read more…]