Bulletin Upload

How to update the weekly bulletin on the website.

There are two procedures for this: One for the beginning of a month and one for the 3-4 weeks after the beginning of the month. For the beginning of the month perform all steps. For the rest of the month stop at step 11.

  1. Use internet browser (Chrome) to navigate to this website: https://calvaryvc.org/wp-admin/index.php and login to the Calvaryvc.org dashboard using the credentials given to you.
    • Username: Soundman
    • Password: *************
  2. Copy & Paste bulletin.pdf to mm-dd-yy bulletin.pdf
  3. Click on “Media” on the left side menu.
  4. Locate bulletin.pdf and click on it.
  5. Click on “Delete Permanently”.
  6. Click on “Add New”.
  7. Browse to new Bulletin.pdf file and select it.
  8. Click on “Add New”.
  9. Browse to new mm-dd-yy bulletin.pdf and select it. Note: If this is not the first week of the month perform steps 10 & 11 otherwise skip to step 12.
  10. Open https://www.calvaryvc.org.
  11. Click on Sunday Bulletin and make sure the correct file opens in a new tab.
  12. Hover over “Appearance” on the left side menu.
  13. Click on “Widgets”.
  14. If the “Primary” page location is minimized (nothing is shown but the word primary) click on the triangle to the right of the word.
  15. Click on the triangle to the right of “Text: Sunday Bulletin”.
  16. Click on the words “Sunday Bulletin”.
  17. Click on the pencil icon.
  18. Change the /YYYY/MM in the address so it is the current year and current month, i.e. for October 2019: Change /2019/09/ to /2019/10/.
  19. Click on “return” arrow.
  20. Click on Save.

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