Live Stream Startup

  1. Plug power supply into Canon EOS Rebel camera.
  2. Plug mini USB cable from computer into port on side of camera.
  3. Setup tripod (if not already set up).
    1. Attach camera to tripod.
  4. Make sure sound computer is booted up and logged into.
  5. Turn camera on.
    1. Canon EOS utility program should start.
    2. Click on “Remote Shooting”
    3. Click on “Live View Shoot”
    4. Make sure focus is on “Face live mode”
    5. Click on the Face detected icon at the bottom of the camera live view screen to shut off the box around faces.
    6. Aim camera at center stage (where music minister/pastor would stand).
    7. Zoom to include praise team (Just so the two walls in front of the piano and organ are visible).
    8. Click on “ON” to turn on the auto focus of the camera.
  6. Run OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) program.
  7. Run NDI program on Video computer.
    1. Verify that when the “Easy Worship” scene is selected that the current Easy Worship output is displayed.
  8. Open Chrome and go to YouTube Live Dashboard (bookmarked in toolbar or
  9. Change the date in Title to the current date.
  10. Scroll down in the Description box and update the date in sermon notes line in description to the current date.
    1. If it is the first week of a new month then you will need to change the number after the year to the current month as well.
  11. Click on “Change Thumbnail”.
    1. Browse to thumbnail file created earlier and select it for use.
  12. Return to OBS program and prepare to start streaming.
    1. Click on “Full View w/Sermon Title” scene
      1. Right-Click on “Sermon Title Image” source.
      2. Click on properties.
      3. Browse to sermon title png file that you just created for today’s sermon and select it.
      4. Click on open.
      5. Click on OK.
    2. Select “Introduction” scene.
    3. Between 9:25 am and 9:27 am: Click on Start Streaming and then transition Introduction scene (Ctrl-C) from Preview to Live.
    4. Select “Live Scene-Full View”. (NOTE: Ctrl-f will fade and Ctrl-c will cut between the selected scene)
    5. At 9:30 am: Transition to scene selected in previous step.
    6. Transition between Full View other scenes scenes as necessary during service.
    7. When it is time for the Pastor’s message Select “Live Scene-Closeup w/Sermon Title and transition it to the Program
      1. Make sure the correct sermon title image has been loaded, if not then skip this step.
    8. At offering time: Transition to either “Offering” or “Offering w/Camera” scenes as necessary for what is happening. May need to re-position camera as well.
    9. After Closing song: transition to “Post-Service” scene for 10-20 seconds.
  13. Click on “Stop Streaming”.
  14. Go to
    1. Find video just recorded (today’s date in title), it may take a few minutes for YouTube to finish processing the video.
    2. Click on 3 horizontal dots.
    3. Click on “Save to Playlist”.
    4. Click on box beside “CalvaryVC”.
    5. Click on “X” to close playlist window.
    6. Click on “EDIT VIDEO”.
    7. Scroll down and click on “Upload thumbnail”.
    8. Browse to thumbnail for this video (See YouTube Thumbnail instructions for how to create it and click “open”.
  15. Click on “Save”.
  16. Click on video just created.
    1. Make sure it plays correctly.
    2. Slide play progress bar to beginning of sermon.
    3. Click on “Share”.
    4. Click on “Embed”.
    5. Click on box beside “Start at ….”
    6. Click on “Copy” (this will save the embed code for use in the sermons website plugin).
  17. Use the embed code in the Sermon Entry embed video step.

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