Live Stream Startup

Plug power supply into Canon EOS Rebel camera. Plug mini USB cable from computer into port on side of camera. Setup tripod (if not already set up). Attach camera to tripod. Make sure sound computer is booted up and logged into. Turn camera on. Canon EOS utility program should start. Click on “Remote Shooting” Click on “Live View Shoot” Make sure focus is on “Face live mode” Click on the Face detected icon at the … [Read more…]

Easy Worship PowerPoint Loading

How to add a PowerPoint presentation to EasyWorship This describes the steps to load a PowerPoint presentation file into Easy Worship so it is ready for display through Easy Worship on the projectors. step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5

System Start-Up

This is the basic system start up checklist for starting up all the audio and video functions. Turn on computer power strip (under middle desk) Turn on projector accessories power strip (left side under right desk) Power on Video computer (bottom computer) Power on Audio computer (top computer) Turn on both audio rack power supplies Left is sound board, amplifiers, and equalizer power Right is wireless microphones, CD player, and cassette player power After video … [Read more…]