YouTube Thumbnail

This describes the process to make a typical YouTube thumbnail for the Sunday morning AM service live stream. Reference the current YouTube thumbnail example above. For special occurrences it may be desired to use a different design, i.e. for Christmas, Easter, etc.

  1. Open
  2. Login using Calvary’s Google Acct:
    1. Username:
    2. Password: Calvaryvc
  3. Click on “All your designs”
  4. Select a previous YouTube thumbnail design.
  5. When it opens in another tab revise the title at the top right to the date you are creating one for.
  6. Click on sermon title text and highlight text to change.
    1. Change text to match current sermon title.
  7. Click on mm-dd-yy AM SERVICE text and change date as required.
  8. Click on download.
  9. Make sure file type is png.
  10. Click on download again.
  11. Browse to \documents\my webs\calvaryvc\images\YouTube Thumbnail Files
  12. Click on Save.
  13. The picture is now ready to use for the live stream YouTube thumbnail.

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